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Exploring Portland’s Cathedral Park

For more photos and videos from the park and its arches, explore the Cathedral Park and St. John’s Bridge location pages.

In the northernmost part of Portland, Oregon, the iconic St. John’s Bridge extends across the Willamette River. Though the bridge has become known for its green hue and distinctly pointed towers, the park underneath has also come to enjoy a fame of its own.

The bridge’s stylized architecture continues even into its soaring concrete supports, which resemble the arches of a Gothic cathedral. Taking its name from the supports, Cathedral Park opened in 1980—a stark change from what had nearly been a junkyard beneath the bridge a decade earlier.

Now, the park’s lush meadow spaces, proximity to the river and dramatic backdrops create a special draw for local and visiting Instagrammers, making the space a favorite for creative outings and InstaMeets.


The ones I have seen this year so far (2014).

The Walker Gallery, Liverpool 
Really enjoyed it in Liverpool this time, the exhibition I saw at the Walker Gallery was called the “Portraits Of Engravers”. The fact that the peices are in great detail is very appealing to the eye. Furthermore, the art shows a sence of life, I am greatly interested in work concerning issues of life and social development and I felt that these peices really represented that very well.

Liverpool TATE

The same day I visited the Liverpool Tate. I have always loved this gallery. Growing up I have spent so much time there. Seeing exhibitions that have inspired me and also ‘blown my mind’. And this time like no other I was blown away. Every time I visit the Tate I don’t educate myself of the current exhibitions. For the shear fact that I want to see some art for the first time. The current exhibitions that were on and I saw was the Richard Hawkins; Hijikata Twist. I absolutely loved this exhibition because it was somewhat took form in the style of a sketchbook. Which allowed me to see my work in a different way and the fact that the rawness of the idea of being in the format of a sketchbook in an exhibition. I also placed my Pictorial Diary in the Trace exhibition that took place in at Lambert Yard in Leeds. Furthermore, I had also seen the other exhibitions that were also going on at the same time; The Keywords- Art , Culture and society in 1980s. I had no idea that this exhibition was showing, my work is usually concerned with history, backgrounds and social aspects of life, which really drew me towards liking this. The actual content of the exhibitions was really not my concern but the ideas really helped me to revisit my work in another perspective.

Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

The exhibition that I had seen in the Hepworth gallery was one called Parallel of life and art.

"This collection display continues The Hepworth Wakefield’s exploration into developments in twentieth century British art and takes as its conceptual starting point Parallel of Life and Art, staged by the Independent Group in 1953 at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London." (From Exhibition Leaflet and website also.)

This was also a collaboration between artist and this further supported my future ideas for projects I wish to carry out. the aims I have is to collaborate with as many artist or perusing artists. In addition a couple of weeks ago I have been collaborating with students and the art departments in a school. I am also planning to work along side other artists in event that are going to be taking place in Bradford.

In addition to that exhibition I had also seen the collection from the Phillip-Lorac diCoricia Photography 1975-2012. I think this is a great exhibition because they are fantastic images.

This small section explains the ideas and collection. "Spanning four decades, from early photographs included in the series, A Storybook Life (1975–1999) to his ongoing project, East of Eden (2008–present), the photographs demonstrate the unique way in which diCorcia negotiates the line between fiction and and documentation. Although actual locations are often used, and the people in the photographs are themselves, rather than models or actors, the overall composition, lighting and positioning of subjects have been carefully planned in advance.

Hustlers (1990 – 92) depicts male prostitutes, each in a different carefully staged setting. The evocative titles of each photograph give the name, age, hometown and the amount diCorcia paid each man for posing for the picture. The Streetwork series (1993 – 99) shows unsuspecting passers-by photographed on the street, a theme also developed in the series Heads (2000 – 01), where single, isolated figures walking through New York’s Times Square are captured as if frozen in time.

In Lucky 13 (2004) – an American phrase that describes the warding off of a losing streak – dramatically lit pole-dancers are presented in near life size photographs, suspended in time and space and caught in the act of falling. diCorcia’s current series East of Eden (2008 – ongoing) draws loosely on narrative incidents from the Old Testament in images that are stylistically varied and include landscapes and staged scenes. The exhibition also encompasses the entirety of the series A Storybook Life (1975 – 99). Although there is no explicit narrative or strict chronology to this series, the 76 photographs are sequenced to suggest a network of interconnected lives and stories.”  (exhibition leaflet and also on website:

Past exhibitions that I have seen that I revisited and have supported my practice.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

An exhibition I saw a while back at the Yorkshire Sculpture park by Gareth Evans, the use of geometric, asymmetrical forms. although my practice is mainly drawing I really like the matter, of form and structure.

In addition to this I remember seeing another exhibition it had components of a drawing, I tried to research it again on the Yorkshire Sculpture park website, on the exhibition archive. the collection was by Daniel Belasco Rogers, I also found that the exhibition was a collaboration with YSP.

 I like to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as much as I can, because I like to see form, and also the fact that the pieces are placed around nature and in other environments other that those that are seen traditional. some of the piece in the sculpture park can also be seen as drawings because of the lines that are created with the structure of the physical object.

When I went to the Park this time I didn’t get to spend as much time there this time. but the open air collection they had going on at the moment  really enjoyed seeing. I have always been drawn to art that has text in there or incorporated text, or statements.

Taking in to account all the exhibitions I have seen this year it has made me realise that the way in which I want to and intend to work is from the perspective of a British, Asian, African, female woman in society. although I am very aware that there many artist that have found this subject matter quite easy to fall within but I want to show a perspective of the ways in which I see the world.






Having the opportunity to visit Amsterdam was something that I just couldn’t pass on. I am very glad I got the chance to see Amsterdam. the place is absolutely beautiful from the architecture and the nature. As well as seeing  the city I visited many gallery whilst being there.

 One of the museums that I went to whilst being in Amsterdam was the Rijks Museum, this museum is absolutely amazing they have a range of art works that have rekindled my interest in traditional art. Although the art that I had seen was not really concerned with the work I loved it regardless. the building is amazing the newly refurbished building has a mixer of modern components as well as those of the 18th/19th century. every since I have been young I have loved the architecture of the pre 19th century and this made me fall in love with this place. There is a slight juxtaposition between the two eras but nevertheless I feel it works quite well. another reason why I loved the Rijks Museum was because it had monumental objects that I feel are great to draw. I have used these objects and made some photo observational drawings/studies and added them to my pictorial Diary.






Finally finshed todays peice!!! To understand this peice… it is quite simple thankfully I am apart of many cultures and I try and put this through in my work… the animals and the patterns are symbolic of my background; British, Indian, African (and a tiny bit Arabian, but this is representing the origins of my faith too)… #pen #drawing #symbolic #artbykmayat #art #a2 #handiskillingme #backisgone #african #indian #british #arabian #skill #pattern #animals #lion #tiger #springbok #camel


After doing the collaboration piece at Oasis Academy, my university project has been looking closely at the concept of pattern and surrealism. I have been recently heavily influenced by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. I have become up little drawings that narrate times in my life. However, the drawings that I am doing at the moment are a combination of encounters in one scenario.


By Murakami

Art Magazine Reviews- Quarterly Reviews #1

I am going to be doing quarterly reviews on art journals, because my love of reading and being introduced to new and pursuing artist around the world.

These reviews in my first section today are going to be general overview about what I think of the Art Magazines and Journals, that I will be talking about quarterly.

Frieze- I absolutely love this art journal. It is one of my favourites, I have been reading these for about 2/3 years now and it is has become quite an important reference point for my thinking about different ways of thinking and generating my works. It has inspired me hugely. Although the magazine only have 8 per year, in consists of amazing reviews and works of some of the most well known people of the art world. In addition to this I am glad that they have an online archive of various review and they are really easy to get a hold of. Furthermore, these review are really important in my work as they help and influence various works that I do. I has aided me to more conceptually about my work, the endless interpretations a piece of work can have.

Art Monthly- a great magazine full of reviews and critique of pursuing artist. I really like the fact that this magazine comes out monthly, hence “Art Monthly”. Therefore it is fantastic for taking inspiration and keeping up with various different artist. 

Flash Art- I have recently been introduced to this magazine about a 6 months ago. The magazine has 6 issues yearly. But what I really love about this magazine is that it is a international magazine. it was founded in Italy and branched out worldwide. This is a great way of keeping up with knew international artist. However, the other magazines and journals that I have read will probably be the one I read more often.  

Aesthetica- I absolutely love this magazine this is a magazine that focuses on art and culture in Britain. Also the fact that the magazine is a combination of; Art, film, music and theatre. Furthermore, the fact that is a recently founded in Yorkshire, it shows the freshness and relevance to modern and contemporary art in present time.

 I have subscribed to many different website that have review of different focuses. The face that I have been subscribed to different website. some have been free which is great and a quick and simple way of keeping up with the art world.

Art Agenda- is one the free subscriptions that have been great and is give a political focus on various piece of art. it also takes in to consideration into social and economical aspect in relevance to art. Which I love, as I have studied sociology and had a interest in phycology.

Flipboard- when I got knew phone last year. I was introduced to an app called Flipboard and this has been my ‘go to’. it is a great collection of reviews and images of new and upcoming artist.

Ever since I have been young I have always been interested in fashion. but one of my reminiscent moments of Fashion has been when I saw some of the first ever Vogue Magazine, the covers were just amazing and the fact that they were drawn and not computerised or digitally printed made me love them even more.

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