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Please contact me if you are willing to donate £2 for a postcard print to raise awareness about current problems the Palestinians are facing!!! It really saddens me to see what is happening there and I want to do as much as I can to aid them!!! Though it may not be alot we all can do a little bit!
Postcards are only £2 … and will be going through Ummah Welfare Trust!!! They are running out fast so message me ASAP!!! #FreePalestine #PrayForPalestine #PrayForGaza #Charity #UmmahWelfareTrust

I really do have it better than most!!! Prayers for those less fortunate!!! Give what you can even it is a small little prayer… never know when God will accept it… and you will receive more than you ever have expected in return!!! And those that don’t have/believe in a religion you don’t need it to realise the injustice!!! Do your bit and make a difference!!! Donate a little if you can, a couple of pence can make a difference too!!! #PrayForGaza #PrayForPalastine #gaza #prayers #fortunate #PrayForTheLessFortunate #MakeADifference #ArtByKaymayat #artbykmayat #art #Warart #graphite #charcoal #acrylic #cartridgePaper #freehand

Health and Safety within Workshops

It is very important to follow the rules and regulations working in a workshop space. In order to be safe and comfortable within the space you are working.

In the Ceramics and Clay workshop- is very important that whilst working in there you clean or clear the spaces from any hazardous materials that could cause harm to self or to others. Whilst working with clay take precautions when handling clay if needed where gloves. It is very important that when the sculpture are being fired do not touch or even even go near the kiln!

Laser cutting workshop- I was advised that there not many health and safety regulations to follow whilst using the laser cutter. However, it is important to keep the room well ventilated becuse some materials such as acrylic lets off poisonous fumes.

Silk-screen Printing- after doing some research on the health and safety regulation about silk screen printing i found out that many inks and thinners can be harmful and hazardous to the human body causing various skin conditions. it very important that precautions are taken when doing silk screen printing. in order to be safe in the workshop where protective equipment, such as goggles of needed and also gloves, all hazardous solvents need to be kept in a cabinet.  make sure the room is well ventilated. Disposing of materials or other unused items need to be kept in a oily waste can. 

Key materials- ‘My Toolbox’

After doing the re-materialisation project I have to say that the main materials that I will be using in the furture and these have been the most successful materials.

-Fine liners, fine technical pen
-Graphite Pencils
-Watercolour paper
-Handmade paper
-Photoshop software

These have been the main materials that I have used and I will definitely the main materials that I will be using.

M.C. Escher- graphite review.

The collection of graphite drawings have been a real big inspiration, and been the main focus of my realism drawing. I really like the way in which Escher using the graphite medium, furthermore, the idea of realism. Escher is well-known as a graphics artist. The work that really inspired me was the drawing he did whilst being in Italy. The tonal skill in the art is really what I am interested and the idea of realism. In addition to this there are many pieces of his work that are with architecture. Also the pieces in the Italian period in the 1920s, these pieces are focusing on architecture and also portraiture.

The piece I really liked was called “Hand with Reflecting Sphere”- 1935. The way I saw this image is that it looks realistic and it depicts the reality. The reflection looks quite surreal, the mirror reflection is in a sphere and this distorts the image. I really like the idea of distortion, but there is a sense of realness in the concept and the drawing.

When the viewer; I looks at the drawing I feel like I am a part of the art because the hand reaching out holding this sphere. Although I am not in the reflection is causes a detachment from the piece, and this further reinforces the distortion of the art.

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