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Finally finshed todays peice!!! To understand this peice… it is quite simple thankfully I am apart of many cultures and I try and put this through in my work… the animals and the patterns are symbolic of my background; British, Indian, African (and a tiny bit Arabian, but this is representing the origins of my faith too)… #pen #drawing #symbolic #artbykmayat #art #a2 #handiskillingme #backisgone #african #indian #british #arabian #skill #pattern #animals #lion #tiger #springbok #camel


After doing the collaboration piece at Oasis Academy, my university project has been looking closely at the concept of pattern and surrealism. I have been recently heavily influenced by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. I have become up little drawings that narrate times in my life. However, the drawings that I am doing at the moment are a combination of encounters in one scenario.


By Murakami

Art Magazine Reviews- Quarterly Reviews #1

I am going to be doing quarterly reviews on art journals, because my love of reading and being introduced to new and pursuing artist around the world.

These reviews in my first section today are going to be general overview about what I think of the Art Magazines and Journals, that I will be talking about quarterly.

Frieze- I absolutely love this art journal. It is one of my favourites, I have been reading these for about 2/3 years now and it is has become quite an important reference point for my thinking about different ways of thinking and generating my works. It has inspired me hugely. Although the magazine only have 8 per year, in consists of amazing reviews and works of some of the most well known people of the art world. In addition to this I am glad that they have an online archive of various review and they are really easy to get a hold of. Furthermore, these review are really important in my work as they help and influence various works that I do. I has aided me to more conceptually about my work, the endless interpretations a piece of work can have.

Art Monthly- a great magazine full of reviews and critique of pursuing artist. I really like the fact that this magazine comes out monthly, hence “Art Monthly”. Therefore it is fantastic for taking inspiration and keeping up with various different artist. 

Flash Art- I have recently been introduced to this magazine about a 6 months ago. The magazine has 6 issues yearly. But what I really love about this magazine is that it is a international magazine. it was founded in Italy and branched out worldwide. This is a great way of keeping up with knew international artist. However, the other magazines and journals that I have read will probably be the one I read more often.  

Aesthetica- I absolutely love this magazine this is a magazine that focuses on art and culture in Britain. Also the fact that the magazine is a combination of; Art, film, music and theatre. Furthermore, the fact that is a recently founded in Yorkshire, it shows the freshness and relevance to modern and contemporary art in present time.

 I have subscribed to many different website that have review of different focuses. The face that I have been subscribed to different website. some have been free which is great and a quick and simple way of keeping up with the art world.

Art Agenda- is one the free subscriptions that have been great and is give a political focus on various piece of art. it also takes in to consideration into social and economical aspect in relevance to art. Which I love, as I have studied sociology and had a interest in phycology.

Flipboard- when I got knew phone last year. I was introduced to an app called Flipboard and this has been my ‘go to’. it is a great collection of reviews and images of new and upcoming artist.

Ever since I have been young I have always been interested in fashion. but one of my reminiscent moments of Fashion has been when I saw some of the first ever Vogue Magazine, the covers were just amazing and the fact that they were drawn and not computerised or digitally printed made me love them even more.

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